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Our Advantage

We believe there are many benefits to working with the independent advisors at Parkview Financial, some of which include:

Open Architecture Investments

One of the main motivations of being an independent advisor is that we aren’t tied to any proprietary products or a large institution’s bottom line. Instead, we always act in the best interests of our clients and are able to be creative with the strategies we implement. Your needs always come first and we survey the investing landscape to make a plan that fits with your needs.

Lower Cost Strategies

You may have heard of different compensation structures in the financial planning industry, such as being commission-based, fee-based, or fee-only. We leverage the professional connections we have established, the knowledge we possess, and the savings we are able to generate to save our clients money. We offer high-quality advice for a lower cost than many of our competitors.


Our team is highly-qualified and has a passion for client service. Rather than use this advantage to overburden our clients and make them feel like their plans are inadequate, we instead work with them to establish their personal goals, what it will take to accomplish them, and where we can start today. We educate you on your decisions and are always in your corner.

Our clients always tell us that they appreciate our candor, constant communication, and in-depth guidance. We spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients and understanding what they need from us and use this information to move forward in the most effective and efficient way that we can.

Contact us today to see how the Parkview Financial advantage can benefit you and your family.