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Our Process

We offer premier services and investment advice at a lower cost and walk our clients through a detailed process before making decisions. Often times, we meet with a client and their family multiple times before even discussing their finances.

At Parkview Financial, we focus on the processes and solutions that will help our clients get to where they hope to be and implement detailed steps to make sure our relationship works for both parties.

  • First, we explain what we do, how we do it, and lay out the expectations our clients have when working with us.
  • After discussing our roles, we decide if our relationship would be a mutually-beneficial one. We work best with clients who appreciate our knowledge and want a long-term, trusted relationship with their advisor.
  • From there, we work together to craft a plan that aligns with our client’s needs, goals, and aspirations. We map out options and potential solutions that will optimize your outcome.
  • We will then present those potential solutions to you and help you identify and prioritize the solutions that are the best fit for them.
  • Finally, we proceed with the implementation process. We meet periodically to review and track progress of your situation and the solutions in place.

Our process is meant to understand our clients on a more detailed level, craft plans that are right for them, and always serve as a source of guidance and support. Contact us today to get started.